We've loved the work of artist Colleen Coover ever since we read the "X-Men: First Class" backup she did a few years ago with Jeff Parker where Cerebro determined that ducklings were "40% more loveable than any other species," and we've since enjoyed her fresh, charming takes on everything from the Super Mario Bros to "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose."

Now, thanks to the Twitter urging of her former Marvel editor Nate Cosby -- who fell in love with her drawing of the Dark Knight above -- Colleen has written and illustrated a rare (unofficial) comic centered on a DC Comics hero: Batman, the hero who "hunts the night or whatever." It's as charming as you expect, and as much as I've enjoyed Colleen's work at Marvel, I can't help but think about a few more DC heroes I'd love to see her tackle in something like "Wednesday Comics." Lois Lane, Intrepid Girl Reporter, anybody?

Check out the full two-page comic, which she suggests should be subtitled "every comic strip Colleen Coover has ever made," after the jump.

(Click to embiggen)