Maybe it's all the time he's spent drawing superheroes, but after witnessing a bank robbery in his native United Kingdom, artist Chris Weston ("The Twelve," "Ministry Of Space") raced home to render the robber in a sketch that successfully identifying the detained suspect to the police - a pretty noble deed!

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Weston recalls the details of his foray into fighting crime at his blog:

"I held up my drawings, and the policeman's eyes widened with astonishment! 'That's him!' he spluttered. 'Ere, come and have a look at this!' he called to his colleagues. They trotted over, took a look and exclaimed 'That is spot-on! It IS him!'" Weston wrote.

As for Weston's artwork, fans won't be able to see it for legal reasons until after trial. Of course, fans are probably patient enough to wait for a proper finale to this anecdote.

"The drawings are now in the hands of the police and will probably be used as evidence when the case comes to court," Weston wrote, "But, yes, I did take scans and if I can show them at some point in the future I will!"

I don't know about you, but I hope a guy like Weston is around if my bank ever gets held up.

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