With so many outsiders entering the world of comic books, it's nice to see a gutsy entrance into the medium. Following the success of her NASCAR themed "Metro Girl" and "Motor Mouth" novels, Janet Evanovich is taking her Alex Barnaby series from mystery novel to graphic novel through Dark Horse Comics, which the publisher announced at Comic-Con.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Evanovich explained her expansion into the graphic storytelling medium, evening naming her favorite titles, which include manga like "Fruits Basket" and her favorite comic, "Uncle Scrooge."

"Way back before the Alex Barnaby series was first published, we were talking with Dark Horse then about making it into a graphic novel of some sort. We just couldn't get it together at the time, we had too many projects going on, we weren't sure how we wanted to bring it forward," Evanovich told CBR, "What we knew was we did not want to do a project that was going to get lost. We are a little messianic about our comic books! We feel like they deserve to be more legitimate, they deserve to get more attention, they deserve to have better placement, and they deserve to have a broader audience."

Dark Horse hasn't announced an official release date at this time, but it will be very interesting to see how Evanovich fans respond to the shift in mediums.