The United States Postal Service recently announced its stamps of 2010, including one particular set that I think will be of interest to you all: The Sunday Funnies Collection! Based on popular newspaper comic strips, the series will include stamps involving Archie, Garfield, Dennis the Menace, the cast of "Beetle Bailey," and my personal favorites, Calvin and Hobbes!

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It speaks well of "Calvin and Hobbes" creator Bill Watterson -- and his decisions to both end the comic in its heyday and to resist merchandising it -- that as the strip sits among so many "classic" comic strips, it still seems fresh, exciting and vital, while most of the others just seem rote, exhausted, and exceedingly far past their prime.

While I would have vastly preferred an entire set of C&H stamps -- perhaps involving Stupendous Man, Calvinball, or snowman art -- I'm still thrilled that I will soon be able to turn the upper right-hand corner of my envelopes into a tiny, two-way mirror where my favorite boy and tiger can make faces at me and the recipients of my letters.

The stamps go on sale in July.

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