Asking accomplished comics artists to each draw their own Sandman rendition is akin saying, "Hey, sketch Captain Marvel for me." The name belongs to several men on both sides of the Marvel/DC dividing aisle, which makes Evan Shaner's "Legion of Sandmen" group portrait all the more awesome. The same artists club at Comic Twart that brought us Luke Cage drawings for Comic-Con has now seen fit to address The Sandman as envisioned by Neil Gaiman and otherwise, and the results are magnificent.

Returning talent Chris Samnee also fit more than one Sandman into his contribution on the Comic Twart blog. Some contributors chose Spider-Man's striped-shirted nemesis, while others opted to do Gaiman's decidedly more Robert Smith of The Cure-ish title character. Still more participants opted to go Golden Age with the Wesley Dodds gas-mask look.

Every themed draw night in the world should be so lucky as to produce results like the Twarts did this time around, and until "Legion of Sandmen" becomes a monthly title like it absolutely deserves to, you can enjoy all of them together after the jump.

Dan Panosian (Urban Barbarian)

Andy Kuhn

Mike Hawthorne

Evan "Doc" Shaner

Ron Salas

Declan Shalvey

Tom Fowler

Francesco Francavilla

Dan McDaid

Mitch Gerads

Chris Samnee