Vertigo Executive Editor and SVP Karen Berger announced yesterday her forthcoming exit from the mature readers imprint she founded at DC Comics nearly 20 years ago. The news came as a great surprise to many in the comic book industry who've long admired the work Berger did to develop projects and talents that greatly expanded the scope and reputation of the American/western comic book scene. With such titles as The Sandman, Hellblazer, Preacher, Fables, Scalped, The Invisibles and more, Berger's Vertigo imprint championed dark, sexy, mind-bending, funny and even literary comics that were utterly distinct from those of the mainstream direct market throughout the 1990s and 2000s. DC says Vertigo isn't going anywhere, but Berger's tenure at the imprint influenced generations of readers and creators in ways that many industry insiders have characterized as immeasurable, and with that impact came an outpouring of earnest testimony when the news broke on Monday.

Below you will find a sampling of comics creators and editors who paid tribute to Karen Berger and her work, which many hope will not end when she leaves DC Comics.

Wishing Karen Berger the best! In 2006 Karen, Shelly Bond & Steve Seagle took a chance on me in American Virgin, and I've never looked back!

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