While other sites may be content to bring you Rocktober, Shocktober or Mohawktober, ComicsAlliance is committed to celebrating the things that really matter! That's why this month, we're bringing you 31 days celebrating Pokémon's perpetually lovestruck rock-type trainer with our month-long Brocktober!DID YOU KNOW...

  • Brock raised his eight brothers and sisters alone, but when his father came back from several years of deadbeat dadhood, Brock was more than willing to hand those kids over so that he could go traipsing around with a couple of ten year-olds. We are meant to assume that this actually worked out well for everyone involved.
  • Brock, like Jughead, is fully capable of opening his eyes. When he does, it is said that he can see an entire lifetime of sins, and cause you to feel the crushing weight of the suffering you have inflicted on others. Or maybe that's Ghost Rider.
  • Brock wrote a song about wanting to shtup an entire family of nurses and cops. This aired on a cartoon for children.

Join us tomorrow for more Brocktober celebrations!

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