Toy Fair 2010 recently hit New York City, and as the toy industry debuts its new lines, there are plenty of comics related items in the mix. So many, in fact, that toy fans are in danger of being completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of good stuff!

So today, ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims, Laura Hudson, Nick Nadel and Caleb Goellner offer their reactions to some of the hottest items we've seen from the convention floor with photos by Taylor Derwin, starting with the new hotness from the Big Two comic book companies, Marvel and DC!



LH: Check out the huge package on Black Lantern Batman.

CS: I don't think it would be as prominent if he wasn't posed to be "waxing that ass." I think that's why Mongul and Zombie Hawkman look so freaked out.

LH: Wouldn't you be?

CS: I don't know, I think I'd expect it. It looks like they're at a party and Zombie Batman had one too many and started dancing inappropriately to get laughs. Hell, if they put that description on the boxed set, I'd buy it.

LH: At that point you basically have to either chuckle awkwardly or start taking pictures for Facebook. Look at Black Lantern Hawkman. He can't wait to tag him in these pics tomorrow.


CS: I think the important thing here is that a six inch-tall replica of Zombie Aquaman exists. At least two people wanted to see that.

LH: Is there a rule that all toys have to be screaming?

CS: Zombie Firestorm looks like Eddie from Iron Maiden went to the RenFaire.

LH: Behold, the gossamer elegance of zombies.

LH: Atrocitus has some important points to make at the Red Lantern debate club.

CS: This is a tough one. If I've only got enough for one figure to display prominently on my bookshelf, do I get the Sexy Dessicated Corpse of Hawkgirl, or Bachelor Party Wonder Woman?

CS: One more time: Zombie Aquaman. That is a thing that happened.

Other DC Direct

CS: Yep. That is definitely a hundred dollar action figure with a sticker on its chest.

LH: It reminds me of those scratch and sniff stickers I had as a kid, actually. What do you think a Green Lantern smells like?

CS: It seems kinda low-rent, but I think it's just a way of playing to the customizer market. You could get your own stickers and turn Alan Scott from Green Lantern to "Grape Job."

CS: Oh, finally. I was worried we weren't going to get another 46 Superman and Batman figures this year.


LH: Is Luke Cage twirling a giant piece of bacon around his head?

CS: It's not like we really needed another Wolverine figure, but it's nice to see them finally reference his Spirit Award-winning cheer routine from UNCANNY #354.

CS: I think the amazing thing here is that they actually managed to make Galactus's helmet even more complex than it already is.

LH: Monkey no more!

CS: I've got to say, though: I love these 3.75" Marvel figures. They're in the same scale as GI Joes, so you can have the Punisher fight alongside Stalker, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes in Vietnam, just as the Good Lord intended. Alternately, you could have Destro become a Herald of Galactus. And yes, I am doing that right now.

LH: Man, when did Iron Man get an Ironmobile?

CS: You don't remember all those issues where he rode around in a giant car with his own face on the side? I think it's in the Ellis run.

LH: Clearly, I missed this.

NN: Yeah, the car is kinda cool. Also they took that scene from the trailer where he drives a racecar and just decided to make like 4 different race cars for him to drive. 'Cause why not?

LH: Will there be a racing game? I bet there'll be a racing game. It's like that old theatrical rule: "If in the first act you have a vehicular race, then in the following one it should be turned into a video game franchise."

CS: StarKart.

NN: This is from the press release on the helmet: "The new IRON MAN HELMET includes mission directives from Jarvis and a 'slow release' visor that slides into place."

I was going to make a "polishing Tony Stark's helmet" joke, but I think "slow release" just did it for me.

LH: Can we talk about the Iron Man Mr. Potato Head for a second? Because I just noticed that his name is "Tony Starch."

CG: I just like the idea that his skin is so exposed. Like his armor is just chunks, so a Fryalator could still cause him massive injury. But I guess that's what boot jets are for.

CS: My favorite part is how Iron Man's armor normally has that little frowny mouth, but Tony Starch's is a big smile.

NN: Maybe his suit has different ways for preparing himself.

CS: Iron Man: Demon In a Crockpot.

NN: I wonder if the Tony Stark figure's sunglasses come off, or if he just wears them under the helmet.

LH: Nah, he's like Horatio Caine on "CSI Miami." Even when he takes his sunglasses off, they're still on.

Personally, I'm waiting for Downey Jr. in a "Less Than Zero" mask. Or a "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" two-pack with Val Kilmer.

CS: Huh. I guess they still make bobbleheads.

NN: From the new 3.75" "Spider-Man" line comes Spider-Man with some accessories that have nothing to do with being Spider-Man. What is that thing? Does it shoot webs? Why would he need to build that? It looks like a water vac.

CS: He can't not buff those floors, Nick. Once, he didn't buff a floor shiny enough, and someone he cared about paid the price.

NN: With great power comes... a night job as a janitor at Empire State University.


That's all for our coverage of Marvel and DC's Toy Fair offerings, but we're not done yet! Check back tomorrow as we hit up the rest of the toys, including Transformers, GI Joe, Dark Horse, Avatar and more!