Did you know that "revenge" was listed as the number one cause of death for all human resources personnel in Gotham City last year, or that 94% of polled Gotham residents listed "costumed villainy" as their backup career of choice? I sure didn't, but I can't say that I'm surprised.

College Humor has highlighted the many problems associated with unemployment in the Caped Crusader's home turf - namely, almost everybody that gets fired from a job resorts to becoming a masked bad guy of some shape or form. Thankfully, College Humor provides a Commissioner Gordon-narrated breakdown of how Gotham's employees should be laid off in order to avoid such a downward spiral towards costumed crime.

For example, you as an employer should be compassionate when firing an undesirable worker. Rather than unloading a round of bullets into your soon-to-be-fired employee's frozen wife, carefully explain that the decision to let him go is out of your hands - but you're more than happy to recommend several doctors that could treat his ice-clad wife's condition.

Seems like a no-brainer to me, but maybe some employers just want the distinction of creating the next Mister Freeze. I guess there's something - hack, cough - cool about that.