Blue Beetle fans knew a "Blue Beetle" series was coming - they even saw a screen test, still images and a special effects reel footage showcasing Jaime Reyes' transformation from sleeping teen to armored superhero - but now they can see it in full, just as The Reach (or rather, DC Entertainment) intended.

From Comic-Con, comes the complete first look at BB's tentative TV series, which given the recent Twitter announcement by Geoff Johns that he'll be including both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (specifically the Jaime version) in the upcoming tenth season of "Smallville," could be linked with one of DC's other major live action series in some capacity.

So far the trailer looks pretty sharp and the actor playing Jaime gives off the warm and optimistic vibe established by Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Cully Hamner's ongoing. The cancellation of the BB solo series was a huge bummer, so it'll be crucial for fans that a TV series nails not only the action, but also the familial elements of the comic that made it so endearing.

See the complete teaser after the jump.

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