Character-identifying artwork in the upper lefthand corners of comic book covers is somewhat of a vanishing craft these days, but the contributors on the blog Cornered still want to celebrate the smallest and most useful panel in the world of cover design elements. Inspired by the talented artists at Covered, creators including Evan Keeling and Dan Christensen have re-imagined scads of corner boxes from titles like Alpha Flight, Fantastic Four and The Badger.
Keeling's Uncanny X-Men corner alone would sell a comic book to one or two of us, and "Calamity" Jon Morris of Half-Pint Heroes fame draws a fine crowd of mutants as well.

The best posts on Cornered even come with a bonus dose of sentimentality in the form of 35¢ and $1.25 cover prices. You may not be able to find their art or those prices in stores, but you will see some brilliant work below and on their blog.

Aviv Itzcovitz

Calamity Jon Morris

Mike Hawthorne

Alton Webb

Dan Christensen

Adam Watson

Evan Keeling

Anthony Vukojevich

Tim Miner

Calamity Jon Morris

Dan Christensen

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