While cosplayers are present at virtually every major convention celebrating comics, gaming, fantasy and science fiction, it's Atlanta's Dragon*Con that has become a a kind of Mecca to which most of the scene's most dedicated hobbyists and professionals pilgrimage every year. Lately I've been comparing the cosplay phenomena to that of b-boying, where the primary inspiration is expressing creativity, performing and earning props from other people like you. The dance comparison is made explicit in this jubilant new video that conveys in a simple but really emotional way just how much fun the Dragon*Con cosplayers are having without us.

Created by Nerd Reactor's David Hoang and based on this immensely popular Burning Man piece, the video is constructed of clips shot by cosplayers themselves as they dance, pose and otherwise perform with a camera-equipped hula hoop. Although the Dragon*Con hotel scenery doesn't allow for images as spectacular as that of the desert-based Burning Man video that inspired it, Hoang's video spotlights the participants' costumes in a way that we never really see, and the euphoric rave soundtrack makes you wish you were there playing along. As I said it's very simple but extremely effective at expressing the sense of community and joy to be found in the cosplay scene; much more so than some other filmed presentations we've seen recently.

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