Costume design is one of the great strengths of the superhero genre, a way to establish distinctive visual shorthand for a character and reveal key details about concept, purpose, and personality. But which is the best superhero costume of all time? This month, we’re asking you to decide, by voting up your favorites and voting down the rest. When we have your votes, we’ll compile a list of the greatest super-costumes of all time.

In today's poll we look at some of costumes worn by the members of notorious loner Batman's extended bat-family, including the recently revamped Burnside take on Batgirl, the original Robin design first worn by Dick Grayson, and the same character's much later Nightwing costume.We haven't included the Nightwing costume with the fringe, as we're pretty sure that costume isn't going to win any polls.

Each poll is a simple binary choice. If the costume is a perfect piece of design, vote ‘Perfect’. If it’s anything less, vote ‘Flawed’, because we just won’t settle for anything less. If a costume has been reinterpreted a little differently by different artists, vote for your favorite version.


Design by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson


Design by Brian Stelfreeze


Design by JH Williams III


Design by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr


Design by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm


If you’re worried that your favorite costume won’t get a vote, there's still time to nominate in the comments. If enough of you ask for Nightwing's old costume with the fringe, maybe we'll include that one as well.