Between titles like The Sixth Gun and Harrow County, it could easily be argued that Cullen Bunn is at his best when working within the framework and language of horror comics, and his creator-owned work has shown how adaptable he is within the expansive genre. This June, Bunn has a brand new horror series at Boom Studios as he teams up with rising star Jack T. Cole for The Unsound, a supernatural thriller that takes place in the bowels of a seemingly normal hospital.

The lead character of The Unsound is a young nurse named Ashli who works for Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital, but when a riot forces her to seek safety, she finds herself lost in the forgotten underground below the hospital. There she finds evidence of gruesome experiments, black magic, and a conspiracy that threatens to challenge everything she thought she knew about the concept of sanity.

In a statement provided by Boom, Cullen Bunn spoke about his plans for the series and its ties to his previous Boom project, The Empty Man, which is being adapted as a film by 20th Century Fox.

“The Unsound is a surreal, scary story, full of chilling encounters and haunting experiences, and it delves deep into the nature of reality, perception and insanity. It's territory that I find myself drawn to frequently, and in many ways, this is a sister series to The Empty Man. Here, though, we're exploring a new landscape and developing a new horrific mythos.”

The Unsound will be available both digitally and in comic stores this June.


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