It's been a few weeks since Marvel rolled out its initial batch of reshuffled creative team/character combinations, but it seems the publisher has plenty more Marvel NOW combos waiting in the wings. Coming in December Daniel Way and Steve Dillon will join forces for a title that's being teased with a graphic bearing a yellow "Lightning" tagline, ominously positioned in the red cross hairs of an unknown assailant.The teaser's lightning tag points to a possible Thunderbolts book given the team's longstanding "Justice Like Lightning" catchphrase. If the book is indeed T-Bolts related, it should be interesting to see how it works in tandem with the upcoming Dark Avengers title, which is effectively a retitled continuation of the current Thunderbolts book by Jeff Parker. However the new book relates to the transitioned series, it's doubtful that Marvel will re-explore the "Fight Club" direction Thunderbolts took under John Arcudi and Francisco Ruiz Velasco's run from issue #76-81 in 1997.

So what's the deal with the teaser's red target scope imagery? Could it signify Deadpool's presence in the book given Way's history with the Merc With A Mouth? Newsarama speculated that the Punisher and/or Cable could also be involved considering each of their penchants for firearm use and the presence of similar gun sights on the The Amazing Spider-Man #129 and The New Mutants #87 covers bearing their first appearances. Dillon's famed Punisher runs will have fans of Frank Castle hoping to see the creator put his stamp on the antihero once again, meaning the odds are probably in his favor over the already busy DP and presumably occupied Cable, however.

What's your take on the upcoming Way/Dillon collab?

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