At Fan Expo in Toronto today, Marvel announced an upcoming four-issue miniseries titled "Daredevil: Reborn," by Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice, which will start in January after a December one-shot called "Shadowland: After The Fall." The one-shot, which serves as an epilogue to "Shadowland," will feature the many characters in Matt Murdock's life, and have a painted cover by new DC exclusive artist David Finch.

The new "Daredevil: Reborn" series will be four 32-page issues with covers by Jock, possibly featuring a new Daredevil. Editor Stephen Wacker discussed the difficulty of creating a new Daredevil story after "Born Again," which he considers the ultimate Daredevil tale. "Reborn" will restart the character from the ground up, forcing him (or her) (or whoever it is) to rebuild their identity as Daredevil after the events of "Shadowland."No more details were released, as much of the book is still covered in mystery, but we can certainly begin speculating. The title "Reborn," the panel points out, was last used by "Captain America: Reborn," and they claim this will be an equally Big Deal. The likelihood of it being a new Daredevil is fairly low; the panel continues to associate the Daredevil mythos with Murdock specifically, so I'm willing to bet that any threats of a "new Daredevil" are a red herring. The advertising campaign, "Who Will Be the New Man Without Fear?" perhaps implies that while there will be a Daredevil, the events of "Shadowland" have instilled him with a real and perhaps very healthy sense of fear.

This is Davide Gianfelice's second major superhero work, after the final issue of Jason Aaron's "Wolverine: Weapon X." He comes from Vertigo, where he spent time drawing Brian Wood's "Northlanders" and Peter Milligan's "Greek Street." It will serve as the continuation of Andy Diggle's run which started in "Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil" and "Daredevil #500," which continued in "Shadowland," so it's likely that they all form acts of one larger story.

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