If a rumor from The Wrap reporter Jeff Snider is to be believed, Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment could soon have competing, craggy-faced, evil space gods appearing in their films very soon.

Thanos has already made one appearance in a Marvel film, and his voice actor for Guardians of the Galaxy, Josh Brolin has been announced. Now, Snider reports that none other than Jack Kirby's galactic despotic Darkseid, the seeker of Anti-Life and the villain that simply "is," will be the big bad of the planned Justice League film, which is said to be coming out in May 2017.

That could indicate that the Justice League movie will follow the first New 52 Justice League story arc pretty closely, considering that arc saw the team gathering to defeat Darkseid, who seemed rather out-of-character compared to his previous incarnations. Sure, there's already an animated version of that story, but that absolutely doesn't mean DC won't go to that well again.

One thing about the movie is apparently a little more certain: According to Kevin Smith, speaking on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, the DC movie lineup released last week is completely legit.

"I looked at [the] list, and I was like, that's what I heard. That's what I was told," he said.

The list, first unveiled by entertainment reporter Nikki Finke, predicts that Shazam and Sandman movies will come out in 2016, just after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Justice League, Wonder Woman and Flash/Green Lantern movies to follow in 2017. Then Man of Steel 2 will hit in 2018.

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