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It's a world of pain, sorrow, obsession and damnation. It's a world that twists and pollutes the lives of all that enter it. It's David Hine's STRANGE EMBRACE and a newly colored version is heading your way this May from Image Comics and Active Images. But beware: this 8-issue mature readers re-release may take you to a point of madness you never thought possible.

A one-of-a-kind website for STRANGE EMBRACE designed by Comicraft's Secret Weapon, John 'JG' Roshell is up and running at Featured at the site are a flash movie trailer, preview pages, links to interviews, and bios.

"We've had such great success with ELEPHANTMEN at Image," said Richard Starkings, President & First Tiger of Active Images, "that we looked at other books we could work together on. STRANGE EMBRACE came up, how we thought it's hypnotic look into childhood fears and obsession might look in colour. David's excitement gave the idea life."

STRANGE EMBRACE tells the bizarre story of a tragically dysfunctional family harassed by a terrifyingly malicious clairvoyant. Through Sukamar, a young boy who delivers groceries every week to a mysterious shut-in, we learn about the strange past of Alex, the clairvoyant, and his powers, his memories, his torment. Prepare to be shocked.

A more in depth look at Hine and the story behind his creation of Strange Embrace can be found at

David Hine's work in comics spans two decades. He's most recently recently garnered acclaim for Civil War: X-Men, District X, Daredevil: Redemption, Son of M, and the revamped Spawn.

The original graphic novel STRANGE EMBRACE (Active Images, ISBN: 0-9740567-2-3, $14.95, black and white, 208 pages) is still available in limited quantities.

All eight issues of STRANGE EMBRACE as well as other Active Images's books are available in all finer comic book stores.

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