In addition to continuing its new line of convention-exclusive 3.75" Green Lantern action figure 2-packs, DC Collectibles has announced that it will also debut a brand new Aardman Batman toy this October at New York City Comic Con. As previewed on the back of this past summer's SDCC release of Kyle Rayner and Kilowog, the NYCC GL 2-pack will include John Stewart and Red Lantern Atrocitus and retail for $25 at the show. The Aardman Batman toy based on Aardman's DC Nation shorts will also fetch $25 at the show, but clock in at a bigger scale. Those who dig one or both of the DCC offerings can find the toys at the Graphitti Designs booth #939 during the show. You can take a closer look at the DC Comics Super-Heroes John Stewart & Atrocitus Action Figure 2-Pack and Aardman Batman action figure coming to NYCC, after the jump.
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