Despite the successes of the statue series, I don't think anyone expected the DC Bombshells to get an action figure line. That was clearly the biggest reveal of DC Collectibles' San Diego Comic-Con pre-show event though, and making the fan-favorite characters more affordable and easier to display than their resin counterparts is a smart move. And who could be upset with the reveal of the Superman: The Animated Series two-pack? Not us. It's a surprisingly light SDCC for DC Collectibles this year. Many of the items on display had been seen in some form or another before, but what was was new was certainly exciting.

Aside from the Bombshells additions, the press only event was largely a celebration of Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary. A host of existing collectibles featuring the Amazon princess were on display, as well as some pieces from third-party partners like Mattel and Prime 1 Studio (also cookies). However, the Gotham City Garage and Wonder Woman statue capturing Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman as they appear in the upcoming film were still standouts. The Gotham City Garage expanding a bit is a nice treat, and the thoughtful design of the piece may win over any skeptics.

There were some items on hand that we weren't allowed to photograph, but that I can tell you all about using words. A Vixen statue will finally join the Bombshells line, with her incarnation being based on a torch song-singing star. It's a fine looking piece in prototype form, and the more final version should be making a showing later this year. The Harley Quinn: Red, White and Black statue set adds Terry Dodson to its roster, with his madcap Harley leaping through the air to dish some pain. Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy will get new Batman: The Animated Series figures, which is should make them great complements for the existing New Batman Adventures figures already available.

The DC Icons line will also be adding the Super-Sons in a two pack, with Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent rocking their DC Rebirth duds in fine fashion. Jessica Cruz and Captain Cold will also add to Icons' growing roster late in 2017. Finally, in 2017 Brian Bolland's Joker joins the DC Designer Series statue line. You can guess which version.

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