Good gravy does DC Collectibles have a lot of new products its unveiling at Toy Fair 2017. Typically though the company waits until the event actually starts to unleash the flood gates, but hey, everyone else is spoiling collectors with an early look, so why not jump in on the fun now?

Ahead of this weekend's event, DC Collectibles has dropped a bombshell of new images for statues and figures from the DC Icons line, the DC Bombshells line, the upcoming Justice League film, and a whole lot more. Want to see what's in store? What are you waiting for then; jump on in and feast your eyes.

Since we'll be at the show this weekend, we're not going to dive too deeply into what's been revealed. That said, we are going to call out some of the highlights like the Batman: The Animated Series Batcave set that comes with Alfred. I mean, DC Collectibles has been going hard at the BTAS line, and even after making the Batmobile and Batwing, I never expected to see an actual Batcave diorama. There's even a little tea set and duster for Alfred to use when Master Wayne is otherwise preoccupied.

The DC Icons Death of Superman two-pack is bonkers, and is exactly the kind of thing I love seeing DC Collectibles do. We've seen Superman and Doomsday figures so much over the years, getting them in a fresh take like this with all kinds of effects and accessories is just perfect. Also, the Supergirl and Super Sons Icons figures will make a lot of people very happy. Especially me.

We'd be remiss in not talking about the Justice League statues coming that are based on the film incarnations of your favorite DC heroes. For the most part, the Trinity and Aquaman look great. Cyborg and the Flash however... Even the strongest of sculpts can't salvage some spectacularly awful designs. Seeing them out of the context of the movie doesn't help either, but the rest of the cast looks good. These two just get the short end of the stick.

We'll have more on these DC Collectibles offerings and more when we check out Toy Fair 2017 this weekend.

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