Toy enthusiasts and collectors of all things comic book-y and adorable, get your wallets out - DC is coming at you with a two-front attack on your finances.

Up first are these wonderfully huggable "Justice League" plush dolls created by Funko. The assortment includes Batman, Flash, Superman and Green Lantern. With two big beady black eyes - or white, in the case of Green Lantern - and a complete absence of noses and mouths, these adorable dolls are must-owns for any collector looking for an inanimate pal to keep them company at night. (Err, sorry.) They're available for purchase now at Entertainment Earth for $12.99 each.

Additionally, Mezco Toyz has announced the upcoming arrival of a Mez-Itz line for DC Universe, starting with Batman and Joker figures set to premiere at this year's Comic-Con International. It's a pretty big deal for Mezco, having previously worked from a more horror-oriented batch of licenses.

"I've been a DC fan since I picked up my first comic book many years ago. To have access to the DC Universe and the ability to recreate these iconic heroes and villains as Mez-itz is a dream come true!'" said Mezco President Michael "Mez" Markowitz of the upcoming line.

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