DC Comics announced Thursday that not only is it bringing back the sometimes headache-inducing 3D covers it released with great fanfare during 2013's Villains Month in September, it's also launching yet another weekly series to accompany Batman Eternal and The New 52: Futures End.

An email from DC publicity states that the 3D covers will again hit stores in September, this time tying into a Futures End-related event that will tell stories set in a possible future, five years ahead of the current timeline (like "One Year Later" did concurrently alongside the weekly 52 event series a few years back... x5). Newsarama reports that the new weekly series will kick off in October.

"It is a major commitment, and a lot of coordination to get it right," DiDio said of the new weekly. "But one of the things we felt very strongly about is that sense of momentum and excitement."

DiDio added that he believes excitement is "quieting down" across the comics industry and these moves will "remind people about the big, bold and just craziness that we can bring to comics." To translate: "big, bold craziness" means DC doing more of what it's already doing and repeating a gimmick from last year.

Batman Eternal launches in April and Futures End starts in May. DC says its three weekly titles will run concurrently, at least for a while.

DiDio intimated that the new weekly series will serve as replacements for monthly books in the New 52. That would seem to mean that DC won't be publishing 52 ongoing books, which is almost certainly a harbinger of the apocalypse. Here's what DiDio said:

So it's not that we're adding more product in. It's just as the weaker books go away, we're adding weeklies, which we think have big stories that lead to more and exciting events as they start to unfold over the next year.


More exciting stories and lenticular-er covers.


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