Diane Nelson is rolling into San Diego's Comic-Con with some real momentum thanks to the enormous commercial success of Warner Bros. Pictures' Man of Steel film directed by Zack Snyder. By all accounts the hit film based on Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster's Superman character has galvanized the DC Entertainment division, which Nelson leads as President, and everybody wants to know what's next for the company. To that end, Nelson sat down with The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that focused mainly on DC's Hollywood prospects (no news on Man of Steel 2, although an announcement is rumored to come later this weekend in San Diego), with Nelson confirming her wish list of properties to make the jump to the big and small screens, addressing concerns about Wonder Woman and the future of Vertigo.

Some newsy highlights from the THR interview (which you should read in full for more insights into Nelson and her outlook for DC)

  • DC is one of the "biggest priorities" for Kevin Tsujihara, new CEO of Warner Bros., the publisher's parent company.
  • On the Green Lantern movie: "In the debate of art versus science, sometimes the mix isn't just right. But we will find some other way to bring that character to the screen."
  • The Sandman is "right on top" of the list of DC/Vertigo titles Nelson wants to see on screen. "I think it could be as rich as the Harry Potter universe."
  • Others include: FablesMetal Men, Justice League and Aquaman.
  • On Vertigo's lack of potentially lucrative titles due to competitors' more equitable media rights deals: "We have to take certain steps -- that maybe we didn't in the past -- to make sure that Vertigo is a place where creators feel they can bring a property and have a good chance of it getting seen, prioritized, appreciated and hopefully developed into other media."
  • On Wonder Woman's exposure on film and television: "We have to get her right, we have to. She is such an icon for both genders and all ages and for people who love the original TV show and people who read the comics now."

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