DC's Event Horizon panel, moderated by Ian Sattler, promised some big announcements but largely involved sharing bits of news about upcoming titles that we've already heard about before. Sticking around did pay off a little bit, though:

The big moment during the Q & A: when asked by a fan about whether or not we'll be seeing Rorschach again, Sattler responded with an extremely suggestive "no comment". Combined with Alan Moore's claim that he recently rejected DCU's offer to to return the rights to "Watchmen", it's looking very likely that we will be seeing these characters again soon enough.

A "Jimmy Olsen" co-feature is going to be in Action Comics starting with issue #893 written by Nick Spencer and R.B. Silva. An upcoming image from the book was shown with Jimmy sporting a lovely new haircut.

If you're wondering about who that is in the corner of the image, it's Chloe Sullivan from "Smallville", who will be making her official entrance into the DCU in the pages of the co-feature.

Aaron Lopresti discussed "Weird Worlds", a monster book that will be released in early 2011. Noting that monster books have generally been horror-based in the past 15 years, Lopresti explained that "what I want to get back to is the monster as superhero...bring back more of a nostalgic feel. He also cracked a joke about wanting to take horror-based characters back from Vertigo, which could have possibly been a bit of a loaded comment in light of the ongoing conversation about integrating Vertigo characters back into the DCU. Check out the sample image of Garbage Man below:

[Images via DC's The Source]

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