From the looks of it, The LEGO Movie tells the classic hero's journey story. An ordinary guy finds himself in extraordinary circumstances, and he rises to them.

There are just a couple twists on that: First, he's a LEGO man. Second, he is routinely assisted by Batman (and Wonder Woman, and Superman, and maybe Abraham Lincoln, though he seems to be on the fence). Check out the brand-new trailer for the movie after the jump.



It's pretty fun to see DC's heroes having a sense of humor about themselves, isn't it?

The LEGO Movie stars Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, as its hero, Emmett. Arrested Development's Will Arnett voices Batman, How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders is Wonder Woman, Channing Tatum is Superman and Jonah Hill is Green Lantern. Other cast members include Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman. It's a heck of a comedy cast.

Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller reportedly used CGI and real LEGO blocks to make the movie, which is set for release February 7, 2014.

The first trailer for the movie has considerably less Batman, but it's fun, too. Check it out:


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