The hype surrounding DC Rebirth is quickly heating up as we approach the big announcement at WonderCon this Saturday. All we know so far is the titles of the comics, but DC ComicsTwitter account has been uploading video hints at what we can expect, with split-second looks at some of the characters involved in the relaunch.

Ahead of the big reveal this weekend, we’ve slowed things right down to get a glimpse of what we can expect from Rebirth.

UPDATE: DC released a fourth Rebirth teaser this morning, giving us a look at the World's Finest, Batman and Superman. Starting with Batman, it looks like he's been given a new Jim Lee designed costume only two days after he debuted new duds in Batman #50, but a closer look suggests that this may just be Jim Lee's take on Greg Capullo's design.


DC Comics


The Bat-Symbol lacks the yellow edge, but it appears to be the same shape, and more telling is the belt, which looks identical to the new belt seen in Batman #50. Seeing as Jim Lee can't help but add dozens off unnecessary lines and seams, Batman's torso has several lines possibly indicating a more armored look, and for some reason it all leads down to his crotch, possibly a throwback to the codpiece of the Batman Incorporated costume.

Superman's costume looks similar to his New 52 costume on first glance, but to me it actually looks a lot less like armor and more traditional. There are still no classic red trunks, but the high collar is gone and there's muscle definition. The belt is smaller than it was previously, and although it is still red, it looks more like the Man of Steel design, as does the Superman 'S' logo, which is curvier and chunkier than the jagged emblem from his New 52 costume.

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The first video seems to show both Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, which almost certainly points to a Suicide Squad that lines-up closer to the upcoming movie. That squares with rumors that one major objective of Rebirth is to bring the comics more in line with their film and TV counterparts, and we got our first glimpse of that this week in Harley Quinn #26, when she got a “cinematic” makeover making her look more like Margot Robbie’s take on the character.

The second video shows a new female Green Lantern, who for our money is definitely Jessica Cruz, the current Justice League member known as Power Ring. The Earth-3 Power Ring died in Forever Evil, and his ring sought out the most fearful person on Earth and found Jessica, who had been housebound for four years following multiple traumatic incidents in her life.


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In Geoff Johns’ final issue of Green Lantern, he showed glimpses of the future for Earth’s five members of the Corps, and it was prophesied that Simon Baz would train Earth’s first female Green Lantern. We see him facing off against this mysterious Green Lantern, calling her Jessica, and telling her he knows what it’s like to be labeled a villain.

The most recent teaser highlights what look to be The Super-Sons, set to star in an eponymously named comic due in June. On the left is certainly Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, and the current Robin, starring in his own title Robin: Son of Batman.



The child in the Superboy costume is a bit harder to pin down, but this week in Superman: Lois & Clark #6 we discovered that Jonathan Kent, the son of Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane, has developed powers similar to his father's. If anyone is going to be the new Superboy, there's a good chance it'll be him.

You can check out all the DC Rebirth videos released so far below, and check back for updates should they release any more ahead of the big announcement this weekend.