The second issue of the still mindblowingly titled Dark Knight III: The Master Race arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday, December 23rd, and DC Comics has just revealed five limited variant covers by Cliff Chiang, Klaus Janson, Eduardo Risso, Jim Lee, and Frank Miller himself.

Unsurprisingly, all five of the cover artists are male, but at least three of them are people of color. I don't know that that mitigates the stigma of the series title, but hey, it's something.

The covers by Chiang, Janson, and Lee all depict recognizable scenes from the original The Dark Knight Returns series. I suppose it's possible that those same scenes occur again (or are flashed back to) in Dark Knight III, but I'd have to read the comic to find out. Cliff Chiang's cover is by far the most interesting of the bunch, because it includes original female Robin and Noelle Stevenson doppelganger Carrie Kelley.

Frank Miller's own cover appears to depict some manner of Zombie Batman, but it's more likely that it's just meant to be Regular Human Batman after a really severe beating (possibly from some jerk like Superman). Again, one would have to read the book to find out.

Eduardo Risso's cover, meanwhile, is just a picture of Batman. It could possibly be the DKIII Batman, but it could just as easily be any other Batman. I'm not denigrating the cover. It's a very nice Batman, and I do like a good Batman.


1 in 25 cover drawn by Klaus Janson
1 in 50 cover drawn by Eduardo Risso
1 in 100 cover drawn by Frank Miller
1 in 500 cover drawn by Jim Lee


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