This week, I picked up something I've been pretty excited about for a while: Matthew Reinhart's DC Super-Heroes Ultimate Pop-Up Book!

With six pages of vignettes that include the Anti-Monitor popping out, a towering fight scene between heroes and villains and a light-up Bat-Signal, I thought this thing was pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that still pictures just don't do it justice, which is why today, I've busted out the flip camera to give you a video review of a couple of my favorite parts. Check it out after the jump!

Here's a close-up of the pop-up Lex Luthor and his totally awesome smarmy smirk:

Despite the fact that it's only six pages, there's plenty of fun stuff in the book that you don't see in the video, like a pop-up that flips Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Sinestro around into their villanous alter-egos (that's right: Parallax made it into a pop-up book) and a three-dimensional version of the original Justice League fighting Starro that mimics the team's first appearance.

Reinhart, who also did a Star Wars pop-up, did a great job putting it together, and like I said in the video: If you like neat stuff involving super-heroes, it's well worth checking out.