It's been more than 30 years since The Man of Steel went toe-to-toe with one of boxing's greatest icons, but now after years of scarcity, "Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali" returns as a recolored reprint in the fall of 2010.

DC's The Source blog revealed today that the duo's 1978 fight to stave off an alien invasion will return in two forms: 1. A
deluxe hardcover edition featuring additional sketch and other content along with a new cover by Adams 2. A limited edition hardcover printed in the original book's trim size and the book's original cover.

Co-plotted and written by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams who also illustrated the story, the reprint should give neophytes (myself included) a fresh representation of their work.

The recolored cover looks pretty sharp if you ask me - even if I'm a just a touch bummed that the initial preview image (which I've cropped even more here) cropped out the majority of Batman's head (as well as a bountiful list of other DC and real-world crowd cameos). Isn't it awesome to think of Bats hanging out while these two fight, quietly betting Wayne Enterprises money on the outcome? I think so.