Ever wanted to build a Killing Glove-clad Darkseid? Now you can with Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 12!

Toy News International has a bevy of images, including shots of each of the wave's eight offerings. Every toy comes with a piece of the Fourth World's nastiest despot. Here's a full rundown of the line complete with partially true, yet completely unfounded special features.

- Spectre (Glows in the friggin' Dark just like a real spectre!)
- Eclipso (Goes blind if he stares into a solar eclipse)
- Dr Mid-Nite (is already blind)
- Iron (comes with real metal parts, though most likely not horribly corrosive pure iron)
- Copperhead (is extremely venomous to plastic people)
- Mary Marvel (with "I'm the worst thing about 'Countdown'" chase version)
- Dessad (with special, "I'm a miserable old witch dude in cosmic Hell" action)

Can you guess which features I embellished? Neither can I. It matters little, though, for I'll most likely buy every single one. Gotta have that Killing Glove.