Ankh jewelry will always remind me of Death, the inescapably cute (and just plain inescapable) and always fashionable older sister of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. Jamie Carr -- designer of Neighborhood Story and creator of a number of comics-inspired items like this Ramona Flowers hair clip -- put together this lovely set of accessories, updating Death's large silver ankh pendant into modern brass gems that could be easily coordinated with Summer-to-Fall looks (even if your wardrobe strays from all-black ensembles).

Ankh Choker, $20 [link]
Ankh & Skull Bracelet, $20 [link]

Ankh Bobby Pins Set, $12 [link]

Styling suggestions:

The ankh choker looks beautiful when worn under the collar of a button-up shirt. The ankh & skull charm bracelet is perfect for bracelet stacking. The ankh bobby pins would look great pinned in a mass of black, unruly hair.

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