JM DeMatteis and Vassilis Gogtzilas' creator owned series The Adventures of Augusta Wind is a fun, all-ages adventure in the classic fantasy tradition as a little girl becomes lost in an unknown realm and must rely on a strange cast of newfound allies to guide her through the strange new world.

Next month, Augusta Wind returns for the final volume in the series as the very nature of story is under threat and IDW have provided us with an exclusive first look at The Adventures of Augusta Wind, Vol. 2: The Last Story #1.

The new volume sees a new mysterious and malevolent threat threatening the entire Storiverse, and it's up to Augusta Wind and her friends to stop the menace from un-creating every character ever imagined!

The Adventures of Augusta Wind is just one of five launches from IDW in August as part of its "Creative Visions" initiative which sees the launch of five new creator owned titles over the course of five weeks. The initiative also sees the return of Atomic Robo and Superf*ckers, as well as the launch of Max Millgate's Jackboot & Ironheel.

Check out the preview below:














Here's the full solicitation details:

The Adventures of Augusta Wind, Vol. 2: The Last Story #1
J.M. DeMatteis (w) • Vassilis Gogtzilas (a & c)
Beginning the five-issue conclusion of this epic, all-ages fantasy! With a malevolent entity about to un-tell every story ever told, erase every character ever imagined (including you!), it’s up to Augusta Wind, Mr. Snabbit, the Omniphant and Upton Snuff to stop the Story Killer and save the Storiverse. But weird worlds, bizarre creatures and terrible dangers await them—and victory is not assured!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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