One of the most metal manga of all time is coming to an end, but not before it fills what will be its final (and possibly most intense) volume to date. As reported by Anime News Network Kiminori Wakasugi's rock-themed "Detroit Metal City" is coming to a close on April 23 in the pages of the Japanese "Young Animal Magazine," its serialized home for nearly a half a decade.

The end of "Detroit Metal City" will reportedly provide enough material to round out ten full volumes of manga in Japan, three of which have already been published in the United States by Viz Media, with a fourth on the way later this month.DMC follows the often comedic misadventures of a boy struggling to balance dual personalities: one of a meek light pop singer and another of a br00tal metal warrior. ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims has extrapolated a bit on the series' premise counting down its most "metal moments," most of which involve assault or sex with inanimate objects.

The series leaves a live action motion picture, an OVA and a band name referencing a KISS song in its wake.

[Via Anime News Network]