Dexter Morgan has taken plenty of lives in his time, almost exclusively in the bad guy department. But he's something of a tortured soul, and not just because of the brutal events at the conclusion of the Showtime series' fourth season - it's also because he doesn't have a full-fledged comic book. Sure, there's the motion comic, but why isn't anybody working on an ongoing series or at least a scattering of one-shots? There's plenty of potential for Dexter in the comic book arena, but thus far, it's an untapped resource.

Maybe this Dexter Limited Edition Bust is a step in the right direction. Coming from Dark Horse Deluxe with a sculpt by Gentle Giant Studios, the bust is pretty accurate to Michael C. Hall's appearance, but the facial features are ever-so-slightly off, making this look like an adaptation of a Dexter illustration rather than Dexter's real life performer.

So, what do you say, Dark Horse? Want to make at least one "Dexter" fan extremely happy by offering a comic book series in addition to this lovely bust? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would get down for such a project - if you're up for a "Dexter" series, let your voice be heard in the comments section![Source: Dark Horse Comics]