Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics has spoken many times -- including our recent interview announcing his latest collection -- about a certain dream he has: a dream to make a Dinosaur Comics whiteboard where you can write and erase new adventures for T-Rex, Utahraptor, Dromiceiomimus and friends as many times as you want, like a god of infinite comics.

Today, that dream has finally come true, and the Dinosaur Comics whiteboard is now on sale at Topatoco for a mere $20! If you break that down by value per unit, since you can theoretically make infinite comics, and since infinity divded by any finite number is zero, it's essentially like you're paying nothing! Mathematically speaking.Ryan is actually using the board himself to write comics now, which is the best recommendation one could imagine, and the board also comes with two erasable markers included that you can use to script your own T-Rex adventures and/or make dinosaurs narrate your grocery list. If you look veeeery closely at the markers in the photo above, you may notice that they read "This unit must only be used to write awesome things." So remember to be awesome, because now it's the law.

There are only around 100 whiteboards available, so if you want one grab it now! Update: They are now sold out, but there may be another batch coming before Christmas.

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