If John K and Peter Bagge tried to make cartoons together, they'd end up with characters who look approximately like the ones in the work of Dirk Erik Schulz. The Germany-based artist obviously harbors an intense love of Mario, but he also draws Sega's Sonic and Tails as you would imagine they might appear in a wrestling competition in a cinematic depiction of an acid trip, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style.

His visions of Luigi, April O'Neil and Franken Berry likewise stretch out his subjects' faces and clothing into flaps of gravity-resistent rubber on his deviantART account, but he still manages to make them look like stars of Adult Swim series that would get more than a few viewers.

Schulz would either be the best or worst choice ever to illustrate the sides of kids' cereal boxes, from the looks of his Fruit Brute and Boo Berry portraits, but he's got a unique way of representing the world, and he's even begun a webcomic called "The Swefs," which we wouldn't mind seeing a little more of. Find out if you want to see more based on the samples of his work below.