We drank the wild, wild Kool-Aid in Dirk Erik Schulz's cereal mascot art last year, and boy, he has been busy since. Schulz's balls-tripping style, with its floppy, Ren and Stimpy-ish look and vintage animation feel now encompasses a mouthful of modern pop culture icons, including the starter Pokémon breeds and Rango.
His deviantART gallery boasts characters from comics and video games alike. Schulz does a groovy Jubilee. He also churns out a snazzy rendition of Axe Cop on occasion, and if you're a Homestar Runner fan, he's got a fine Strong Bad waiting for you.

First off, this man was born to draw Krang. Secondly, this is exactly the the look that's needed to revitalize Pokémon in an upcoming cartoon for a whole new audience. If that's not possible, Danger Mouse would be acceptable as well. Find out why and scope out our other favorite sightings from his portfolio below.

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