We've seen the darker side of Disney's princesses, as well as a more...sultry take on the animated musical royalty from the House of Mouse, but Deviant Art user Kreugan has taken the liberty of playing up the ladies' more heroic aspects by tweaking their wardrobes to befit their superheroic sides.Kreugan's created new looks for eight of Disney's most famous princesses so far, including Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White and Tiana. All that's missing from the list so far is Pochahontas, although there's a few "unofficial" princesses like Alice (who went to Wonderland) and Tinker Bell who fans might enjoy seeing in capes, goggles, gloves, boots and other standard issue crimefighting gear.

If Kreugan ever finds time to add to the list, it might be funny to adapt each princess' animal friend(s) as costumed sidekicks. Beast counts as a talking animal friend, right?

See each superpowered princess juxtaposed with their original incarnation below.

[Via Neatorama]

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