I don't envy sex therapists. Navigating the maze between the emotional and physical issues that go into sexual arousal has got to be tricky -- and it's even worse when you throw in the difficulty of talking to your patients about their most intimate problems. The titular psychiatrist of Doctor Voluptua (NSFW) has to tackle odder issues than the average head shrinker -- singing genitals, sensual ghost possession and ancient sexual curses. Fortunately, she has an equally bizarre set of medical tools at her disposal.Josh Lesnick, who also created the comics Wendy, Cutewendy and Girly, and runs the dirty webcomics website Slipshine, is the mind behind Doctor Voluptua. It's an episodic webcomic, with each storyline focusing on a different patient with a bizarre sexual issue. First, it's the lady who has a sex-crazed alternate personality and a simultaneous fear of dongs. Then Doctor Vopluptua treats a man whose penis just won't shut up, and a fellow who has been infected by the ghost of a Mexican gunfighter. In the currently running arc, she treats a young woman who can't control her own sexual urges thanks to a powerful curse.

But in each episode, Dr. Voluptua -- unflappable and fully-clothed -- brings her own bag of tricks that is as unorthodox as her patients' problems. There's the security team, selected from a race of humans who've evolved beyond the need for sex (and yes, Lesnick is well aware that evolution doesn't actually work that way), Dr. Voluptua's colleague, the perpetually shiny Dr. Nakedgirl, anthropomorphic penises and, most importantly, Dr. Voluptua's own enormous, ahem, brain.

Although Doctor Voluptua revolves around sex and naked male and female bodies in all their full-frontal glory, it's not a particularly erotic comic, and is more about purely goofy NSFW fun. Many of the comic's funniest jokes have not a thing to do with sex, and the sexiest character in the whole thing is Dr. Voluptua herself, even though we never get a peek beneath that laced up skirt of hers.

There are, admittedly, places where Lesnick teeters over the line. There's a bit where he introduces a stereotypical witch doctor, then pulls back from the stereotype, only to bring it back again in full force. And then there's an uncomfortable scene in which a male stripper is unexpectedly jumped by a patron. (Granted, she has a sickness and he's making happy noises by the end, but it's a jarring note.) But despite a few missteps, Doctor Voluptua is ultimately a sex-positive comic. After all, the good doctor's endgame in each episode is to ensure that her patients enjoy a happy sexual life -- no matter what form that may take.

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