You’re going to see a whole lot of Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who Season 10 kicks off the 12th Doctor’s final run, but you may see more of Pearl Mackie’s new companion Bill, judging by the latest trailer. Get the full picture of Season 10 (including Missy’s return) with some new Doctor Who, and Class to boot.

Seeing as the Christmas trailer wasn’t officially official enough, The BBC released an extended new trailer for Doctor Who Season 10 before its April 15 premiere. There’s a great deal to take in (classic Cybermen!), as Bill very much becomes the face of the new series, while YA spinoff Class will premiere afterward.

Elsewhere, in addition to Michelle Gomez’s return as Missy, Season 10 will also feature Jekyll & Hyde star Stephanie Hyam in a minor role. Peter Capaldi has suggested Jenna Coleman’s Clara might return in some form, while the search for a new Doctor will begin later this year. Steven Moffat’s last season was also confirmed for this year, placing Chris Chibnall as the new head writer and executive producer, to begin after Season 10.

We’ll see more soon, but check out the first Season 10 trailers below, and stay tuned for the April 15 premiere.

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