He may not have won his dream role of Spider-Man (yet, anyway; even if Andrew Garfield will be starring in feature films for the forseable future, there's always the possibility that a slightly older version of the Ultimate Universe's Miles Morales could team up with him), but that won't keep actor, comedian and musician Donald Glover from maintaining a presence in comics. Next month will see the Community star make his four-color debut in Image Comics' The Li'l Depressed Boy #10.Glover's cameo in the series comes via his Childish Gambino alter ego, with Image Comics describing the rapper as "a person who [makes] a difference in Li'l Depressed Boy's life, who urges him to climb out of his cocoon and experience the world." Series writer S. Steven Struble explained that he feels "a kinship with what [Glover] says in his songs. He's creating something earnest and true to his life, and I'm trying to do the same with mine." Artist Sina Grace, who has created an exclusive cover for the issue that will only be available on the Childish Gambino Camp tour that begins in Iowa on April 16, describes the appearance as "bringing the best out of both Struble and myself," adding that "[Glover] loves the comics, we love the music, we wanted to make art together."

The issue, which will include additional story pages, will be released April 25 and is available for pre-order now.

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