Fans of the "Dragon Ball" franchise are most likely already aware of the existence of "Dragon Ball Origins" and its upcoming sequel, both of which are video games for the Nintendo DS. What those same fans might not be aware of, however, is the impending availability of a "Dragon Ball: Origins 2" downloadable demo arriving next week.

On Monday, May 31, a "Dragon Ball: Origins 2" demo will be available for download through the Wii's Nintendo Channel. According to Joystiq, the "Dragon Ball" demo will challenge players to "gather up Goku's lost belongings, after he is knocked off of his Flying Nimbus cloud." There's plenty of fighting, including a boss battle, to be had, so now's the time to start perfecting your kamehameha, or at least your button mashing skills.

The demo is certainly exciting for "Dragon Ball" fans, but perhaps most exciting for Comics Alliance's assistant editor and resident "Dragon Ball" expert Caleb Goellner, who will have just returned home from a cross-country trip mere hours before the demo's release. Sweet, sweet reward, indeed.Source: Joystiq