There were many wonders in store this past weekend at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival (MoCCA) in New York, including poser-sized prints from Dresden Codak creator Aaron Diaz of his latest comic, M.A.D.E.M.O.I.S.E.L.L.E. (Maiden Absolutely Doomed to Endless Machinations Over Inscrutable Scientific Enigmas in Lieu of Living Effectively). It tells the story of Kimiko Ross' troubled formative years of favoring more scientific and geeky pursuits rather than the more expected paths her friends and teachers would prefer.

Presented in the style of a board game, like "Life" without the creepy connotations of bearing children for competitive purposes, the journey includes stops such as "'Pinocchio as an Allegory of Human Vanity in A.I. Design' doesn't impress 8th grade English class, move ahead 4" and "Finally finish writing that Blade Runner musical, sing 'Tears in the Rain" and move ahead 3." It's not for sale quite yet at the Dresden Codak store, but will be soon joining the other prints currently available. See the full version after the jump.