James Bond is a franchise that was just begging for a great comics adaptation for years, and we finally got everything we wanted when Warren Ellis and Jason Masters were announced as the creators of an ongoing 007 comic last year. Now, following the success of that ongoing series, Dynamite is launching a new James Bond miniseries titled Hammerhead by Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida.

Spinning out of the ongoing series, Hammerhead sees James Bond on the trail of The Kraken, an anti-capitalist who has plans for Britian's nuclear arsenal. The series is also said to force Bond into the tough position of questioning his loyalty to his country when his country's loyalty to him is in doubt.

In the announcement from Dynamite, Diggle mentions the complexity of updating Ian Fleming's iconic spy to a modern world of espionage, stating, "By bringing the Bond of the novels into the present-day world, with all its challenges and complexities, we get the best of both worlds --- Fleming's dispassionate ‘blunt instrument' in a post-Cold War landscape of mass surveillance, drone strikes and WMDs."

Hammerhead isn't the only new James Bond series, as The Hollywood Reporter announced last week that Van Jensen and Matthew Southworth are working on a comics adaptation of the original James Bond tale, Casino Royale. Dynamite also announced that it will be licensing its James Bond titles internationally through European publishers Delcourt, Panini and Splitter.

Check out the variant covers and preview art for James Bond: Hammerhead below.


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