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It's the end of the week explosion! Where has Seacord been all week? The anime convention? No, that's next week! Was he in jail? I didn't get any collect phone calls. Was he at 7-11? Maybe...

Q: I think we should warn everybody that there will be no End of the Week Explosion next week. I know this is shocking and unsettling news. Did you remember to tell your parole officer that we'd be at Otakon in Baltimore? Did you have a hard time explaining what an anime convention was?

Seacord: This has been a hectic week, so I haven't had a chance to let him know. It's cool though since Baltimore isn't outside of my "roaming area." What happened this week? My unemployment ran out, well I mean I'm no longer allowed to panhandle at the 7-11 down the street from my house (it's not actually MY house, but that's what you get when you go on vacation for the summer and forget to lock your windows).

Q: We'll be back with a special Otakon report the following week. I remember that you made a very interesting observation at the show last year. You walked over to me and said something about the fact that there were thousands of kids at the show and like 3/4 of them were armed. At any other show or convention there is no way that many weapons would be out on the floor, but in this case it was like "Hey check out my sword!" The kid with the lead pipe made me nervous. Take us back to what you were thinking at the time...

Seacord: This show was CRAZY last year and I'm sure this year it'll be even better. I have NEVER been allowed to roam freely with any type of weapon-looking object let alone walk around in a room full of people with similar wooden/real swords, staffs, etc. I take that back, I was allowed to once, but it was provided to me that time I spent in Thunderdome. I was so close to becoming the undisputed champion and then another good time ruined by the quote "law." This year at Otakon I'm hoping that by Sunday all the Mountain Dew and Hentai don't culminate in some sort of anime showdown. I'm not that worried though. I'd also like to set an over/under on the number of Naruto headbands we'll see. I'm going no less than 400..

Mug shot of Dr. Raymond Adamcik dressed as Captain America from

Q: Oh - I forgot to tell you. You remember that guy in Florida who got arrested for being dressed like Captain America? Well, he got arrested for groping two women and having drugs in his pants but he was dressed like Cap at the time. He also had a Taco Bell burrito in his pants along with the drugs. Well it seems he's not going to jail. According to WFTV 9 in Florida:

"Doctor Raymond Adamcik will take part in a diversion program for first time offenders, which includes community service, fines and random alcohol and drug testing. The charges will not show up on his criminal record."

No jail? Man, you and I have never had a lawyer that good. Guess the legal help comes along with the degree in medicine. So - what hero should this guy dress up as at the next bar crawl?

Seacord: This sucks. I went to school for seven years too and I don't get legal help like this. I guess if you aren't a doctor or a lawyer then it doesn't count. I mean I'm probably smarter than them you know? When you've gone through the 12th grade 4 times, hello, you memorize half that stuff. Besides nothing is hotter than a 22 year old in high school, right ladies? That's right: I'm available. If I were this guy I'd avoid costume parties altogether, though if I could make a suggestion, next time go as Batman. With the utility belt you have so many more places to hide deviant burritos, drugs, bondage material and the inevitable bail money. Good luck Doc, and I'll see you in October.

Q: What a slow week. No movies. No football. Few comics. One arrest (charges dropped). I started to re-read old comics out of desperation. Is there anything you read every year? I know some people do that with Watchmen and Dark Knight.

Seacord: As you know, I don't have much time for reading in keeping up with my fan-fiction sites. I'm still waiting for my big break though I realized that just typing in a Word document doesn't get them "automatically" posted to the internet. Oh believe me, I've got several calls into Al Gore to fix this glitch with his world wide web. But when I can't think of things to write about I find myself reading Preacher for inspiration. It's a comic that is not only one of the best ever but I can relate to on so many levels. Who of us at one time or another hasn't thought they were possessed by a demon-angel spawn? For some reason the one living in my brain has a craving for Taquitos, which is now a problem due to the aforementioned ban from 7-11. Go get me some cereal.

Q: We haven't mentioned John Rambo in a while. I think it was just voted as the best movie ever made even though it's not out yet. They created a new rating for it: NC-45. I'm not even legal to go see it. I'm going to have to sneak in.

Seacord: Legal? When has that stopped you/us from anything? Looks like I need to break out the trench coat again for this movie. But seriously if you are going to sit on my shoulders again for the love of God, wear pants

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