On sale from now from Top Shelf is Liar's Kiss, the debut graphic novel by writer Eric Skillman, whose work is likely to known to many ComicsAlliance readers in the form of his beautiful cover artwork and designs for The Criterion Collection. Working with artist Jhomar Soriano, Skillman processes his gifts for elegant and provocative visual presentations into a tight comic book noir; a slick and modern detective story that has earned praise from lauded Criminal and Sleeper co-creator Sean Phillips himself, among other impressive critics.The book's tagline, "The way he investigates is a crime in itself," is as perfect a description Liar's Kiss could ask for. Being a noir tale, the story follows a private detective - but that's where the convention stops. Skillman's twist on the gritty P.I. archetype is that our (anti-)hero is actually having an affair with the woman her millionaire husband is paying him to keep an eye on. It's a pretty sweet gig if you're a pretty lousy person, but the morality (and better business practices) debate goes out the window when the rich client turns up dead and his cheating wife is the prime suspect.

Liar's Kiss has been endorsed by Sean Phillips, the hugely acclaimed artist and comic book noir authority behind such landmark works as Criminal, Sleeper and Incognito (each with Ed Brubaker), all ComicsAlliance favorites.

"Skillman and Soriano weave a twisted tale of classic noir. The story keeps you guessing until the end, and the art delivers the right blend of pitch-black shadows and crisp, sexy line work." --Sean Phillips.

A 120-page hardcover graphic novel, Liar's Kiss is on sale now in better comic shops and bookstores, as well as the Top Shelf website.

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