One day a little over a year ago, illustrator and graphic designer Ethan Mongin was bitten by the nostalgia bug and began drawing his favorite characters from G.I. Joe. A year later, he's still going strong, creating dozens of off-kilter portraits and illustrations of characters from both sides of Hasbro's cartoon war.

Most of Mongin's G.I. Joe fanart consists of individual portraits of the characters, a series of slightly hyper bubblegum cards. More recently, he's been posting illustrations of the characters out in the field. With his thick black lines and often out-turned faces, Mongin's representative illustrations sometimes feel like legendary art, an updated version of something you might find on a stained glass window or a tapestry. You can see the rest of his G.I. Joe series (as well as his non-G.I. Joe art) on his blog.

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