With the Power Rangers movie out in theaters now, the long-running tokusatsu series is getting more attention than ever, and we are happy to provide far more information than you require. We've got our ongoing episode guide to the original Mighty Morphin, but today, we're doing what we do best: Arranging every installment of the long-running franchise into a definitive (and only slightly arbitrary) list.

As for how we arrived at these, we had a few factors to take into account: The strength of the core premise; how well the individual episodes handle that premise; character and costume designs, and the strength of the cast.

As you'll see, the biggest sin that Power Rangers can commit is somehow taking a show about giant robots fighting monsters  and making it boring, and if a show managed to take an exciting premise and wind up with a snooze, you'll definitely find it at the bottom of the list.

That said, not everything that's interesting --- like, say, the fact that Megaforce's RoboKnight has a southern accent --- is good. If, however, a series had a few really strong individual episodes, those were taken into account to lift the overall average.

Also, Ninja Steel --- the current series --- isn't ranked because it's currently incomplete. But perhaps one day we'll need to go back and revise!



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