If you're of a certain age, you may have fond memories of those years back in the 1990s when Pokémon was released in America in card game form and promptly confused adults everywhere. And let's be honest here: That stuff is confusing, especially if you grew up in the kind of nightmarish hellworld that predated 1996, when nobody knew what a Bulbasaur was. Dark times indeed, my friends.

If, however, you were a Cool Parent Of The '90s and you wanted to learn a little more, there was help, in the form of a VHS tape called Pokémon School, which has now been uncovered by the archivists at Everything Is Terrible. Check out a highlight reel below, along with a few other Pokémon-themed videos from the EIT archives!


I never played the card game, so I'm not sure if that information regarding Vileplume and Nidoqueen is accurate or not, but I assume an accredited Pokémon school wouldn't lie. I mean, they don't just hand out those blackboards with drawings of Hitmonchan to just anyone, right?

While we're at it, here's an explanation on why Pokémon are actually demons luring your children to the service of Satan:



And a little more information about the game from Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson:



You know that dude is all about Haunter and Gengar. He's got the tools and the talent.

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